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  • 16 February 2015 -  Event: "The nature of legal discourse: Legal language, legal terminology, legal translation", presentation of the book "Legal language, legal terminology: theory and practice", by K. E. Valeontis, P. G. Krimpas [in Greek]

    -  Invitation [in Greek]

    ELETO president's speech
    [in Greek]


    -  Th. P. Tassios, «The memory of a humanist» [in Greek]

     -  K. Toraki, «Vasilis A. Filopoulos, the man and the engineer» [in Greek]

    -   Ei. Frangopoulou, «Development of standardization with the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT) under the leadership of Vasilis Filopoulos» [in Greek]

    - K. Valeontis, «Terminology as the foundation of standardization and Vasilis Filopoulos in a key role» [in Greek]

    -  I. Saridakis, «Vasilis Filopoulos' vision for establishing Quality» [in Greek]

     - G. Bohoris, «Role models as Vasilis Filopoulos – Their catalytical significance for our society and our students» [in Greek]


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