13th Conference "Hellenic Language and Terminology" (Online, 11-13 November 2021)


 Dedicated to Ioannis Kapodistrias (1776-1831)


Co-organizing bodies of the 13th Conference:



Technical Chamber of Greece   University of Cyprus 



Venues of the 13th Conference: The Conference will be organized online


Each of the stages below will be completed bottom-up with the corresponding documents at the relevant step of the Conference's organization.

  • Round Table:
  • Papers of the 13th Conference (Titles, texts, presentation files, Authors' CVs)
  • All speeches of the Opening Session of the 13th Conference in one file (GR): Celebratory speech:
  • List of participants: Greek - English
  • Affiche of the Conference: Greek (GR)
  • Press Release: Greek (GR)
  • Programme of the Conference (Final): Greek (GR), English (EN)
  • Abstracts of the papers: Greek (GR), English (EN)
  • Initial list of the papers approved to be presented at the 12th Conference Greek (GR), English (EN)
  • Instructions for editing and presenting the papers Greek (GR), English (EN)
  • Scientific committee of the 12th Conference: Greek (GR), English (EN)
  • Organizing committee of the 12th Conference: Greek (GR), English (EN)
  • Registration Form: Greek (GR), English (EN)
  • Call for papers: Greek (GR), English (EN)











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